Health and Wellness”

Helping people overcome all sorts of health difficulties is my passion in life. As a caring, qualified, professional Holistic Naturopath and Homeopath I can help with a range of conditions that are impacting your quality of life.


Initial Consultation – 1 hour

Your initial consultation is a time for me to listen and understand your issues and priorities. We will review your complete health and then discuss options, working out what is best for you and what fits in with your lifestyle.


Follow-up Consultation – 40 minutes

In your follow-up consultation we will review how you have been going since your last appointment. We’ll look at your progress and adjust your prescription to keep you moving forward. I’ll answer any questions and concerns you have about your treatment and progress. Your first follow-up consultation is 1 to 4 weeks after your initial consultation and then as needed depending on your situation.