Iridology Assessments

iridology-eye-and-chart-copyIridology Assessments for Weight Loss

How can Iridology Assessments help with effective fat loss? 

Iridology or Iris Diagnosis reveals the relationship with the function and condition of the body and where potential problems are likely to be found that may inhibit effective fat loss.

Our specialised Iridology Camera takes digital photographs of your eye making everything apparent. Detailed analysis of patterns and their characteristics, markings, colours and fibre structure are matched to the iris chart. The chart is divided into zones that correspond to specific organs and parts of your body. Your iris may show areas that are inflamed, distressed, under or over active or under functioning, for example:

The Digestive System

  • Under acidic stomach or insufficient protein digesting hydrochloric acid may cause sluggish bowel
  • Over acidic stomach from ie; stress may cause inflammation
  • Fermentative stomach or low enzyme production may result in toxicity

The condition and function of the Digestive System organs may impact effective weight loss including the mouth that stimuates digestive enzymes and the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines and the liver producing bile stored in the gallbladder and pancreas that all organs of the digestive system.

It is important to address any imbalances or any underlying drivers that may be impeding weight loss such as:

  • stress
  • reduced metabolic rate
  • insulin signalling disturbances
  • reproductive hormone balance
  • sluggish bowel
  • toxicity
  • inflammation
  • pH balance
  • lifestyle factors
  • dietary factors
  • hypothyroid

Our trained Gold Coast Naturopath Professional Healthcare Practitioners understand how sustainable weight loss can be achieved. We personally assist you by offering tailored advice on health, diet, weight loss and lifestyle, while giving you access to therapeutic and “Practitioner Only” complementary medicines and supplements.

We will help you set your goals and stick to them, assist you to develop an exercise program and monitor your progress so you can see your weight loss results beyond the scales.

Health Insurance Rebates are available on both Consultations and Weight Loss Programs 

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