The Healing Power of NatureNaturopathy is my passion in life. I would like to help you understand its essence and the powerful impact the mind–body connection has on our health which I believe is so important. Our state of mind affects so much in our bodies, our relationships, our world and whether we live a life blessed with energy, health, meaning and magic.

Naturopathy draws on the body’s ability to heal, given the right tools, and it is both a way of life and a concept of healing. Its roots are from the Hippocratic term ‘vis medicatrix naturae’ – ‘the healing power of nature’. Modern naturopathy includes herbal medicine, homoeopathy, nutritional advice, vitamin and mineral therapy, iridology, holistic lifestyle counselling and many other techniques and therapies.

Often people come to me as a last resort, having tried other practitioners and forms of treatment with only limited success. They may be taking the right supplements or on appropriate medication, eating well, but still finding only minimal improvement.

It is essential to bring everything together, drawing on medical herbalism, nutrition, iridology, homoeopathy and other mind–body tools to take your energy and zest for life to the next level. Working at the mind–body level helps your immune system, the energy flow through your body, your nervous system, your hormones, the chemicals your brain produces (neurotransmitters) and much, much more.

It is also very important to understand that all this takes time, effort and commitment. It is not an overnight fix and it is unrealistic to expect to resolve major health concerns in one or two visits. However, you will see improvements and I am here to support you on many different levels.

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analysed and tested adhering to manufacturing standards that exceed industry benchmarks.


DetoxificationAs a naturopath I will help you understand what is happening with food, showing you healthy choices and foods that benefit you personally and support your healing. Foods can be beneficial to one person but detrimental to someone else, so it is important to understand what is right for you. There is no one eating regime that suits everyone: we are all different. Good nutrition is the basis of health and disease prevention.

Many people I see need supplements to correct underlying nutritional deficiencies which can be corrected with carefully chosen, high quality supplements. As a commitment to you and your health I use only practitioner quality products that are scientifically and clinically researched. The highest quality ingredients and raw materials are used and tested for consistency and quality. The products are manufactured, analysed and tested adhering to manufacturing standards that exceed industry benchmarks.

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Medical Herbalism

Medical HerbalismMedical Herbalism is often referred to as botanical medicine. It is a safe and effective system of natural medicine which combines the art and science of medicine using plant based materials to stimulate the body to heal. Herbal medicine is often a safer alternative to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, with herbs having powerful properties that work in the direction of cure, providing more than symptomatic relief.

A herbal medicine prescription consists of a bottle of specifically chosen herbs that are mixed together and taken as directed. Each herb has its own indications for use and is chosen based on how well it matches the overall person, symptoms and condition of the patient. Herbs act on the mind, body and spirit; this is where the art of medical herbalism comes into play. Individual herbs in the prescription are changed as the needs of the patient change.

Medical Herbalism is used:
  • As the primary treatment for your health problems, both physical and emotional.
  • To assist in maintaining health and preventing disease.
  • As a complementary modality to orthodox medicine or other natural therapies.

Your treatment may include a herbal medicine prescription in combination with a homoeopathic remedy as well as vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplements.


IridologyIridology is also known as iris diagnosis. It is the study of the iris and its relationship with the function of the body. It is long been said that the eyes are ‘the window of the body and the soul’. It is important to understand that iridology does not diagnose and name diseases but provides valuable information about the function and condition of the body and where potential problems are likely to be found.

A specialised iridology camera takes digital photographs of your eye making everything apparent. The left iris reflects the left hand side of the body, the right iris reflects the right side of your body.

Detailed analysis of patterns and their characteristics, markings, colours and fibre structure are matched to the iris chart. The chart is divided into zones and shows the areas of the body each of these characteristics refer to. These zones correspond to specific organs and parts of your body. Changes in colour or appearance of your iris indicate changes in the health of the corresponding part of your body.

As an example your iris may show areas that are inflamed, distressed, under or over active. The iris can also show inherent weaknesses in the body as well as early changes that are not otherwise detectable, allowing pro-active and preventative treatment to be started, preventing major ailments later in your life.

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I’d really like to share this new research with you

NaturopathyJust a few days ago I was listening to an interview with a professor of medicine who had developed spray on skin and was talking about the ability of the mind to heal the body.

My ears pricked up. She spoke about the impact of a person’s mental state on how they recovered from serious burns, saying that if a person could visualise their body working correctly then their recovery was quicker and a greater degree of functionality was restored to the injured part. She said that in the future we will be able to ‘think ourselves well’.

I had goose bumps as I realised that modern medicine is starting to embrace what I have intuitively known for years. The professor then went on to describe a scientific study that she has just begun on recovering from serious burns.

A patient with let’s say a burnt left hand has a mirror box placed over it. When the patient looks at their damaged hand, the mirror reflects the fully functional right hand to the brain. They also feel much better about themselves and their recovery. This creates powerful positive imagery and emotions that are imprinted in the subconscious mind, taking healing to a new level. Of course this technique is combined with proper medical care and pain management. Preliminary results are very promising, so I can’t wait to hear the outcome of the study.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found it interesting.