Linda’s experience and amazing ability to hone in on the cause of a health problem, sets herself apart from any other medical/health practitioner I have been to. Her knowledge and understanding of how the body and mind functions meant at all times both my daughters and my symptoms were treated accurately and timeously. I have complete trust in her diagnostic ability and have no hesitation in recommending her. Karen P
I am 63 years old and have suffered for many years with abdominal pain and chronic digestive problems such as reflux, heartburn and diverticulitis. Having had no joy from traditional medicines such as antacids and other reflux type medicines I finally decided I’d had enough and was recommended by a friend to consult Linda Cairns I have always believed in iridology and natural therapies but sometimes it is easier to take a pill to make the symptoms disappear instead of finding the cause of the problem After the first visit to Linda all my reflux symptoms disappeared and in consequent visits what was causing my bowel and digestive problems was addressed. I now have no digestive problems. During my appointments we discussed my personal life which had a huge bearing on my health through stress etc. Consequently I am better able to deal with all sorts of stress that life throws at me. I have found Linda to be very understanding and knowledgeable in her practice. Her psychology input regarding mind and body connection is excellent. She has had a very positive influence on my life and general health. I would recommend her services to anyone. Julie B
Visiting Linda as Naturopath and Homeopath was a pleasure and a great comfort to my health & wellbeing. A couple of days after my first visit I felt so much better- why had I put it off for so long!!! Linda listens and asks the right questions, with great professionalism and care, focussed on understanding you, to prescribe the right remedy and supplement to get you well again. I have recommended Linda to many of my friends and clients. Thank you Lindax Katie S
It’s Linda’s manner, long experience, mix of therapies and thoroughness that I value highly. She is on top of her game and clearly committed to and passionate about her work. This means I feel and I am fully looked after by her. One of the modalities that Linda uses is Homeopathy. PamS