Weight Loss

weight-loss1SHAKE IT – Practitioner Weight Management Program

Are you ready to achieve a healthy weight, increase your energy and improve your overall health?

Get the right ‘fit’ for you

With countless weight loss programs on the market it can be hard to find a program that is the right ‘fit’ for you. As qualified Gold Coast Naturopath Practitioners we understand that every person is uniquely different, facing different challenges, obstacles and health concerns.

What is Shake It?

A Simple, Healthy Dietary Program
  • High in low carbohydrate, low GI vegetables
  • Lean protein eaten with every meal and snack
  • Includes moderate levels of healthy oils
One Meal Replacement Per Day
  • Low carbohydrate protein based supplements
  • Unique protein combination to improve satiety and muscle growth.
  • Shakes, soup and bars
  • Ideal as convenient snacks

Run by Qualified Healthcare Practitioners

  • Tailored program for each person
  • Practitioner advice to overcome obstacles
  • The only true Practitioner only weight management program
  • Practitioner support for sustained results

Personalised Assistance

We personally assist you to achieve sustainable weight loss, by offering tailored advice on health, diet, weight loss and lifestyle, while giving you access to a therapeutic and ‘Practitioner only’ complementary medicines and supplements.

We will help you set your goals and stick to them, assist you to develop an exercise program and monitor your progress so you can see your weight loss results beyond the scales.

If you have tried other weight loss programs and can’t find the right ‘fit’ for you and your body, call us today and ask about the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program. This is an evidence-based program with proven results.

What will you Expect

  • Fat Loss of 0.5 to 2 kg per week
  • Maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • Reduction in waist circumference
  • Long lasting changes in body composition for better health
  • Establishment of long-term healthy eating patterns
  • Changes in fat, muscle and waist size
  • Practitioner support with sustained results


Health Insurance Rebates apply on Consultations and Weight Loss Programs

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